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How to trade in Bank Nifty Future?

In share Market all Investor knows very well is NSE Index shows the performance of Banking sectors in the capital market. 12 most big capitalized and liquid banking stocks which trade on NSE are included in the index. Sebi Registered Company In India In Bank Nifty future margin money Required for the trading Lot size of Bank Nifty contract is 40 units, for which an initial margin of approximately or near by 7% of the total contract value is required for trading.

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If you are new in Bank Nifty Future Trading then you should only start trading with one lot size approx 40 units to first understand the market mechanism and discover the good nifty tips provider. Always protect your trade by using a stop loss. Take a smaller risk of some 20 points, or according to your risk profile. Do not start the trade if you cannot decide where to place your stop loss. It will mainly help you to instate a higher end of risk reward ratio.

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